Personalized Medicine


Many current approaches for developing understanding of disease, treatments, patient populations and developing the new products and proof points that address the needs of health care stakeholders are resource intensive, costly, take significant time, and are limited in accuracy and precision.

Life sciences manufacturers need real world evidence analytics to help holistically understand health ecosystems and to identify opportunities of unmet clinical and economic need within disease areas where life sciences could create value for patients, physicians, and health systems.

What We Offer

The Miner personalized medicine solution suite enables life sciences innovators, academic medical center, and integrated delivery networks to improve clinical and translational research capabilities, support personalized genomic medicine, enable comparative effectiveness analyses leveraging “real world evidence,” and improve safety and disease surveillance programs. The solution suite includes:

  • OutcomesMiner is a comparative analytics solution that delivers an understanding of patient cohort level relationships between outcomes, drugs, disease, and systems of care over time.
  • PopulationMiner is a real world evidence analytics solution that provides descriptive views of entire populations in the context of outcomes of interest, helping life sciences manufacturers develop greater insight into relationships between drugs, disease, and treatments and physiological states of patient cohorts spanning multiple therapy areas and across more than a decade.
  • PrecisionMiner is a translational research solution that provides an integrated set of cohort exploration and data delivery tools spanning clinical trials, claims, EMR, research, and genomic data sets. The platform leverages open source solutions such as tranSMART, i2b2, SHRINE, and OMOP and leverages ConvergeHEALTH’s broader set of data integration and analytics tools.