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Revenue Intellect™

We help you identify hidden, or difficult to find, sources of revenue leakage, enabling you to access data at the deepest levels for improved revenue cycle performance.

Today’s health systems are leaking net revenue due to preventable denials and underpayments – margins they cannot afford to lose. Designed specifically for health care providers, Revenue Intellect is a cloud based guided-analytics platform that is designed to isolate, quantify and prioritize revenue leakage sources. It is a diagnostic tool paired with interpretation and treatment results for your revenue cycle.

Leveraging Deloitte’s Revenue Cycle Optimization services, Revenue Intellect uses comparative and predictive data analytics to deliver a one-stop shop for managing revenue cycle performance.

Revenue Intellect offers several key potential benefits to health care financial managers and executives, including:

  • One-click navigation for discovering critical issues, prioritizing your decision-making process
  • Automatically generated insights on-demand
  • Customized reporting and filters with account-level drill-down capability
  • One consolidated, user-friendly interface that is accessible anytime, anywhere (including via tablet)

ICD-10 Analyzer powered by Revenue IntellectTM 

ICD-10 Analyzer powered by Revenue IntellectTM can help improve revenue cycle performance and monitor the impact of the ICD-10 conversion. ICD-10 Analyzer is designed to tie patient accounting system and electronic data interchange to provide visibility into reimbursement and operational shifts before and after go-live to help drive a revenue and cash collection neutral conversion. 

The process begins with an analysis of 12months-36 months' historical claims data to establish baseline metrics that reflect your organization’s specific situation, trends, and past performance.

ICD-10 Analyzer offers several key potential benefits to prepare our clients for the ICD-10 conversion, including:

• Customized, automatically generated baseline creation
• User-friendly interface that is easily manageable by the user, without the need to involve internal IT team
• In-depth insight into changes in payer and plan performance related to denial rates and payment trends
• Early warning sign detections that are designed to identified the root causes behind changes in performance
• Preparation, testing, and training conducted by experienced Deloitte staff to help reduce impact on client productivity

Revenue Intellect™ analytics platform is the core of our postimplementation monitoring approach.

Through automated feeds, Revenue Intellect™ identifies key patterns consistent with negative and positive reimbursement variance. From these key patterns, we prioritize and monitor efforts across the organization, from the broad system level down to the departments, specialties, coders, physicians, and payers associated with high-risk and high-opportunity codes, making risk mitigation efforts transparent.

Aggregated findings show that health systems leak 8.4% of their annual margin. The two largest sources of actionable margin leakage are underpayments and denials.